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   AME-MRO DataBase ®    
By Airman Medical Service Co., Inc.

This Web Site provides information and services for
AMEs, MROs and the pilots and businesses who utilize
their services.

The goal of the AME-MRO DataBase is to bring all of the Data and Document Resources needed by the AME or MRO together in one convenient place.  And, to provide a logical place for the Aviation Public; Pilots, Aircraft Owners and Aviation Businesses to find the AME and MRO services that they need.

Latest News: The Airman Directory data arrived on Sept. 13, 2000. The files are in a new format, however, we have successfully converted the data and a "lookup" version of the System was added to The AME-MRO DataBase on Friday, Sept. 15. (See Airman DataBase)

Use the Link at the right (Pilot - Patient Recall) to see how our new System will function. The Pilot Selection (based on Med Class & Geography) features of the Site should be ready before the end of September.

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